The Friends' Constitution and Committee Members

The Friends of St James the Less, Dorney

 (established as a Sub Committee of the Parochial Church Council)


  1. The ultimate responsibility for the care, maintenance, repair and insurance of the Church of St James the Less, Dorney is vested in the Parochial Church Council (PCC) under "The Parochial Church Council's (Powers) Measure 1956". This cannot be delegated to another body by law.
  2. The Friends of St James the Less (“Friends”) scheme is set up under the aegis of the Parochial Church Council of St James the Less, Dorney in the diocese of Oxford, whose officers control its workings.
  3. The Parochial Church Council of St James the Less, Dorney (“PCC”) has passed a resolution establishing the Friends as a sub-committee, and has two Members of the PCC as Members of the Friends Committee.
  4. “The Friends of St James the Less, Dorney Fund” is a restricted fund of the St James the Less PCC.
  5. The Friends Committee should have a Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary and two members of the PCC, one of whom should be a Churchwarden. The Parish Priest may elect to be an ex-officio member. Other persons with specific skills and experience may be co-opted onto the committee up to a maximum membership of nine. The Members of the Friends Committee are subject to approval by the PCC.
  6. The Treasurer of the Friends Committee will liaise with the PCC Treasurer for the recovery of Gift Aid on appropriate gifts to the Friends fund, using the HMRC registration of the PCC.
  7. The Friends are responsible for raising funds for the PCC solely for the purpose of maintaining and conserving the Parish Church and its churchyard and associated buildings. Any funds raised by the Friends will be used solely for that purpose, and under the direction of the PCC.
  8. The Friends will be responsible for organising Membership, communication with members and events for fund-raising.
  9. The PCC may delegate to the Friends Committee the role of making grant applications (including VAT refunds) for funds to repair, restore and conserve the Church of St James the Less. Grant applications should be for work prioritised, approved and overseen by the PCC. Such grants as applied for and the results of the application process should be reported to the PCC.
  10. The Friends committee may use its funds for necessary expenses incurred and for fund-raising purposes. Regular reports on financial activity should be made to the PCC.


Chairman:                          Bill Dax

Treasurer:                          David Pepler

Secretary:                          Ted Longden




Gill Hayton

Muriel Pepler                     Churchwarden

Mark Procter                     Churchwarden

Peter Smith

John Wood Dow

The Vicar(ex officio)

Save the Tower!

We are very pleased to confirm that we raised the £243,000 required to repair the Tower.

We would like to sincerely thank all those who donated and those who gave their time to this successful outcome.


Churchyard & Graveyard Appeal

The Friends have made a real difference to the quality of both of these important areas over the last two years.

This has required considerable investment to date and is ongoing.

We have set ourselves a target to raise £2,000 every year which will ensure that we can continue our work.

We would appreciate as much assistance as possible from relatives, friends, parishioners and others who would like these areas to be maintained and enhanced over the coming years.

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To enable us to claim Gift Aid from your donation we would be most grateful if you would download the form below and return it to us. Thank you.

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